i miss you

my superman,
do u know that i dont miss you??? well, i dont miss you but i miss you a lot… missing you is not only for awhile but every moment. when i wake up in the morning, i missed your morning greetings, your morning kiss, your smell. when im about to sleep, i missed your goodnight kiss, i missed how we chat till we fall asleep, i missed how you tease me as soon as the you switch off the lampshade, i missed your hugs as we sleep the whole night, i missed your kisses when you thought that im already sleeping. i missed every moment when i am in your arms…superman, im here always, waiting for you coz I cant never miss anyone as much as I missed you know.


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Bless to have you…

My superman,
I wanted you to know that whenever I think of you, God is reminding me how much He loves me, how much He cares for me.. You may be asking yourself what did you do or what are you doing to me that am i saying this to you… when you found me on the street, I was going to nowhere, my life doesn’t have any direction, and I am lost..But when God lead me to you, everything has been changed..If God will allow me, I would love you till the rest of my life…

hugs and kisses,


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in your arms

My Superman,

Do you know that when Im in your arms i feel so secured? I have never felt this with anyone else. When i lay my head in your arms whenever i feel sad and lonely, I can feel the comfort even you dont say anything.. As I sleep in your arms, I feel so secure that no one can ever hurt me..

In your arms, i wanna lay at night and in your arms i wanna be waking up in the morning..



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your smile

Dear Superman,

Do u know that your smile made me melted… I never into any relationship not until I met u. I didn’t expect that someone like u will come along..  i didn’t know that your smile when i first met u will melt the frozen heart of a strawberry..

Can I say i have fallen in love with u the first time my eyes saw your sweet smile…


your strawberry

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before i met you

my superman,

you dont have any idea, what was i, how’s my life were running, and where was i heading before i met you, right? do you know that i was the loneliest woman in dubai few years before i met you? My loneliness was killing the “real” me that time. For the past 3 years of my life in Dubai, I had experienced a lot of tribulations, hardships, struggles, and heartaches. Not to mention one by one, but this was regarding my career and lovelife. During those times, I turned away from God, thinking that He left me alone in darkness, thinking that He doesn’t care about me anymore. I killed my spiritual life by not praying, not listening to the Words of God, by not reading Bible and that includes Christian articles. I was always on the clubs around dubai, partying, drinking, smoking.. I went home late every night, going out with different friends, dont even bother if anything bad happens to me.. I guess, i was almost at the edge of the earth and waiting for any moment for the wind to blew me out in this world..

Till such time i met you. January 8. I remember so well, the night that you came into my life.. You’ve asked for my name in a crazy way.. Then that’s the beginning of my new life with superman…

its me,


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